When I first drove this car, the first thing I noticed was the extremely loud brakes, which sounded like the pads were worn down quite a bit. So, I decided to take a look at the brakes and replace the pads if needed.

I put the car on jack stands and removed both front wheels, exposing the brakes. The rotors on both sides looked slightly worn down, but still okay enough to keep using.

Wheel removed from rotor
Wheel removed from rotor

I removed the caliper bolts and flipped up the calipers. Then, I slid off the brake pads, which were worn all the way down to the metal! Not very safe, indeed.

I then proceeded to install new Duralast ceramic pads, which should last pretty long with good stopping power.

I didn't have a c-clamp on hand, so I used a flathead screwdriver to push the caliper piston back into place, draining some brake fluid in the process. Then, I slid the calipers back over the pads and rotors and tightened down the bolts. Finally, I put both front wheels back on.

I drove the car around a little, and the squealing noises had gone away completely! However, the brake pedal was feeling a bit spongy and the parking brake light showed up even when it wasn't engaged. This was because I drained a bit of brake fluid, letting air into the system.

To remove the air, I decided to bleed the entire brake system. I bought a one man brake bleeder and DOT 3 brake fluid from Autozone. I then followed ChrisFix's tutorial to bleed all four brakes and fill the system with brand new fluid.

One man brake bleeder attached to a rear drum brake
One man brake bleeder attached to a rear drum brake

The old fluid looked like it came out of a warzone, but the color improved gradually and eventually new brake fluid ran through all of the brake lines.

Old brake fluid, looks very black with some particles inside
Old brake fluid

I tested the brakes and the pedal felt nice and firm, with the parking brake light gone as well. This brake repair was a success!

To celebrate, I gave the car a good wash, which it probably hadn't seen for the last few years.

Honda civic washed and shiny

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you'd like to read more about my journey in restoring this salvage car, you can find all my other posts here. Also, I have a lot of other projects, so feel free to check those out as well. Thanks for reading!